Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nokia 3250, My First Music phone.....

Recently bought 3250 and I could say that 3250 has a great music and camera feature with unique design.It can be twist more than 180 degree to activated 3 modes that is in communication mode,camera mode and music player mode.It has a great style in design fully complete feature as a phone.I,really satisfied to own 3250,combine with the price and feature,it’s really great.Didn’t you wanna have one?

It’s cool to have my own Nokia 3250.It’s relevant to own the phone with the cool feature combine with the price,affordable for me to have(I’m still syudying) one.Nokia 3250 I suggest for youth whom love entertainment.And don’t forget,its a smartphone!!Operate with Symbian OS 9.1 in family of 3rd Edition s60.

What You Can Do With 3250?

It’s so many useful of 3250 in you daily day other than communication function.It’s entertainment,full of multemedia function connectivity and much more.

.Play music(with mp3,AAC,eAAC,WMA format)
.Record and play video(support MPEG and 3GP format)
.Camera(2 megapixels with 4X zoom)
.Java games(snake 3D and punkwigs + downloadable)
.Stereo FM radio
.Visual radio
.Nokia Lifeblogging

It’s cool stuff with have every aspect of function as basic handphone plus with its great entertainment function.It’s not just only feature that Nokia 3250 has.Check Nokia 3250 Specification for more information.

About The Author

I think we can share anything tips,tricks and information about Nokia 3250.That’s why this blog were made.I’m not just talking about Nokia 3250 only,but maybe another mobile phone to make comparison between Nokia 3250.You can post you comments,tips to use and anything about 3250 here. Plus, my blog is also review other new gadget like Apple iPhone which is new cool gadget from Apple, iPod + mobile phone.
I’m actually a kid who just recently try to expose some gadget I think I love and know a lot about the gadget.I like PSP but I’m less know about the gadget and I’m still didn’t have it yet(soon I will get it).Accidentally,I’ve just bought Nokia 3250.And I think this something I can share expose….Here it is here I am.


from TANDEK, Kota Marudu

If you want to share anything about tips and tricks to use Nokia 3250,or anything relevent you want to share,you can email me directly to

Look Arround Nokia 3250

Nokia 3250 is a phone specilly design for whom those love in entertainment.With abilty to play so many type of music format,it also has a cool 2 megapixels camera and of course has a video function.Not like other Nokia phone,it has a special designed when the lower part of the phone can be twist from normal mode to music player mode.Simply cool,isn’t it?

This model was manufactured by Nokia and has released April 2006.It is build in same plartform with N91 under Xpress Music family.That is mean that 3250 is specailly made as music player(I think Nokia try to face a batlle with Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phone).This model I think more similar to Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone,W810i in part of shape and design.Except,W810i cannot be twist as Nokia 3250.I’m not going to compare both the model,but just to see which model Nokia 3250 is similar to.Look to the picture below.

Designly look,both model look same.But the size,Nokia 3250 is a bit bigger than W810i.But the mainly aim for those two model is hanphone music player.W810i is family of Sony Ericsson’sWalkman handphone while Nokia 3250 as part of Nokia Xpress Music.Accidentally,the time of releasing those two model is almost same in date.The price?I’ve ever survey those two model in my area,it is has no big gap.the function also almost same,both has 2 megapixels camera,quality of sound both really,which one would you choose?

My First Impression On Nokia 3250

As I said before,Nokia 3250 is not my aim point phone.But, I attracted to Nokia 3250 when I buy Ering megazine.I buy this megazine actually to made some compare several phone (including Sony Ericsson K750i and Nokia 6680) and of course to change my old phone…haha…At that time nokia 3250 is the newest Nokia phone.But something special I see on this model,it can be twist.Like Nokia N90,but I think twisting Nokia 3250 is more easier than N90 one.

My first looking on Nokia 3250 is not the function itself,but design it has.I like that type of design which is when to use camera and song player function just twist it.Cool when you twist it in camera mode,you’ll see it like a camera digital,because when you going to camera mode the viewfinder screen is horizontal,it like using camera digital.really cool,isn’t it?

When the model is going music player mode it is look like a big mp3 player.Just simply twist Nokia 3250 from communication mode to music mode about 180 degree youl get the 3250 in music mode with easy basic function,with play/pause,stop,forward and rewind button.It is easy.
On that time,I just thinking only Nokia 3250 phone and still find how it rel looking.I’m going to the city (not Tandek…hehe….) to find that type of Nokia model.And I’m want to make survey other phone to.I’m find a really good phone combine with really good price.As a result,I finally found Nokia 3250 at one phone shop.I’m try to rotate and twist the phone several time and it just 115 gram I think,not as Nokia announced,130 gram.I’m comfort with it shape,weight and size.

Function?I think it is great for a entertainment lovers.Especially in music function,not just the navigation key is easier to manage,but the sound are really good quality.Let me tell you back,this model is under Xpress Music Nokia,junior of N91.Even if the design were innovate from Nokia 3230,I think it is far more good than Nokia 3230 in this aspect,sound quality.Just the navigation,menu key were same to several feature.Nokia work for music lover.
Without hesitation,I just take it back (of course I buy it) and finally I got my target phone.My Nokia 3250 is silver in keypad and screen frame colour.There are just four optional colour of Nokia 3250 at this time I write this page.Maybe on the future,the optional will be more wide.

Nokia 3250 Full Specification

Key features
.Twist-on design to access phone, camera, or music functions
.Play tracks and create playlists with the music player (MP3/eAAC+)
.Memory expandable up to 1GB for up to 750 songs of great quality stereo audio with the new advanced eAAC+ digital audio codec*
.Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, or email
.Plug your own headphones into the connector jack in the headset cable
.Integrated 2-megapixel digital camera
.Turn and capture still photos or video in a single twist
.Share and publish your mobile memories via blogging
.High-resolution, 262,144-color display

Operating frequency
Tri-band GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900)
.Automatic switching between bands

.Size: 103.8 x 50 x 19.8 mm
.Weight: 130 g

.176 x 208 pixel TFT active matrix 262,144-color display
.Size: 34.8mm x 41.1mm

User Interface
270-degree rotation (-90 and +180 degrees): Twist on text/phone access, camera, or music functions instantly
.Joystick, two softkeys, application key, edit and clear key, send (Push to talk key) and end key, tvmxccnx.Music keys: Play/pause, stop, rewind and forward
.S60 software on Symbian OS

Music features
.Manage your music and playlists with the music player (MP3/eAAC+) and control music with dedicated music keys
.Transfer music ripped from your purchased CDs from your PC to your Nokia 3250 phone with Nokia Audio Manager, Windows Media Player, or other PC software
.Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth, MMS, or email

.Memory expandable up to 1GB of great quality stereo audio with the new, advanced eAAC+ digital audio codec*
.Plug your own headphones into the 3.5 mm connector jack in the headset cable
.Enhanced music features: Sound Check (equalizer, stereo widening, reverb, bass boost)
.Buy new music from Web services or download your own records from PC to enjoy hi-fi stereo music through high-quality headphones
.Formats supported: eAAC+, AAC+, M4A, MPEG-4 ACC LC, LTP, MP3, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, 64 polyphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8, RealAudio10, WMA
.Tunes Studio: Create your own ringing tones from the approx. 40 MIDI tones pre-loaded in the Nokia 3250 phone
.Visual Radio

Imaging features
Integrated 2- megapixel digital camera (1600 x 1200 default image size and can be set in three resolution optional)
.Support picture format like JPEG, BMP, EXIF, GIF
.Twist and capture still photos or video in a single twist
.Advanced camera modes: Still, burst, video
.Options for night, brightness adjustment, image quality, and self-timer
4x digital zoom
.Video resolution: 176×144 or 128×96 pixels (QCIF or SubQCIF), 15 frames per second
.Music keys double as camera controls: Zoom in and out, shutter key, stop

Messaging features
MMS OMA 1.2: Combine image, video, text, and voice clips and send as an MMS to a compatible phone or PC; use MMS to tell your story with a multi-slide presentation. The MMS OMA 1.2 specification allows you to send/receive messages up to 300 kB in size.
.Text messaging: Supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, SMS distribution list
.Predictive text input: Support for all major languages in Europe and Asia-Pacific
.Email: Access your work and private email accounts; supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols

Memory functions
10 MB internal memory plus expandable memory up to 1GB for 750 songs with microSD card

Visual Radio
.Listen to music and interact with your favorite radio stations:
.Find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information
.Enter contests and answer surveys, vote for your favorite songs
.Download the songs you buy direct to your phone

More applications
Nokia Audio Manager: Create and organize digital music files on a compatible PC and transfer them to a compatible mobile device.
.Nokia Lifeblog Multimedia Diary: Create a diary of all your mobile phone’s photos, videos, text messages, and multimedia messages. It’s easy to browse, search, edit, and save – on both your PC and mobile! Find out more at
.Sound meter: Measure the noise level of the environment, such as at a football game or concert or even in noisyplace. The sound level meter is not meant for professional use.

Bluetooth wireless technology
.Talk handsfree with a wireless Bluetooth headset enhancement
.Play wireless multiplayer games over a Bluetooth connection
.Synchronize your phone and compatible PC over a local Bluetooth wireless connection
.USB 2.0 full speed with mass storage profile

.WAP 2.0, xHTML browsing over TCP/IP
.WAP/OMA and W3C standards support: WAP 2.0, XHTML, XHTML MP, HTML 4.01, CSS, ECMAScript and JavaScript
.Full Web compatibility with support for popular markup languages, scripting languages, and style sheets
.Support for forms, tables, frames, and image maps
.Support for mobile extensions such as cHTML and i-modeHTML
.File upload over HTTP using standard HTML forms
.Adaptive history list
.Save Page for off-line viewing and archiving
.Integration with telephony (dial via a link on the page), contacts (save phone # or email address), and image galleries (view/save images)
.Bookmarks database
.Web Feeds (RSS)
.Content download including background downloading with pause and resume
.Content streaming support (3GPP video and supported audio formats)
.OMA DRM 1.0 – including forward lock for content protection, combined delivery, separate delivery and superdistribution

Data transfer
EDGE: Class 10, download up to 236,8 kbit/s
.GPRS: Class 10, download up to 62,4 kbit/s

Personal information management (PIM)
.World clock
.File manager
.Remote synchronization
.Active idle
.Platform security:
.Device integrity (no tampering of binaries and device settings)
.End-user privacy (protected access to contacts, calendar, messages)
.Controlling the access to sensitive operations or APIs, such as protecting network connections)

.Punkwigs, Snakes + downloadable

Call management
.Speed dialing: Up to 9 names, with keys 2-9
.Last-number redial from dialed calls list (dial key brings out the dialed calls list)
.Automatic redial (max. 10 attempts)
.Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
.Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer
.Automatic and manual network selection
.Caller identification with image
.Conference call (up to 5 participants)
.Vibrating alert

Voice features
.Enhanced voice dialing
.Voice commands
.Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
.Voice recording
.Integrated handsfree speaker

Digital services
.Download music over-the-air
.UI Themes
.Downloadable Symbian and Java applications
.Game services including levels and sounds
.Ringing and alert tones: eAAC+, AAC+, M4A, MPEG-4 ACC LC, LTP, MP3, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, 64 polyphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8, RealAudio10, WMA

Sales package contents
Nokia 3250 phone
.Nokia Battery BP-6M
.Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53
.Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
.Nokia Charger Adapter CA-44
.Nokia Music Headset HS-20, AD-41
.CD-ROM (includes Nokia PC Suite software)
.User guide, Quick guide, product leaflet
.Memory card (Micro SD card 128 or 512MB)
.Micro SD adapter

Turn Arround All Nokia 3250 Side

All Side Of Nokia 3250 Design

With size in length 103.8 mm,width 50 mm,thickness 19.8 mm and weight 115 g,it is not really big phone compare to other phone on same platform like N91,N80 or N71.The shape of the phone is pleasent to be hold.The thickness were medium but for me it’s not bothered me anymore.If you see the back of the phone,you will see four button which can be use to play/pause,forward,rewind and stop button in music player mode.Also,it can be use in camera mode to capture picture or a video.In normal mode (communication mode) it is like other phone,but as you know it can be rotate as shortcut to camera mode and music player mode.

While you going in camera mode,you can use the object viewfinder in horizontal.The camera lens is placed in below part of the phone,on left side.You not just can use the camera to taking picture in front of you,but it can act as a mirror if you twist the camera facing to you.This function make you easy to take picture yourself.The camera which is has 2 megapixels camera will satisfied you if you’re not high demand in camera function.

Actually,Nokia 3250 were a new innnovation from Nokia 3230.That is why you can see the menu and navigation key are really same.But there are so many part of those two phone have a big difference.I’m comfort in using Nokia 3250’s keypad than Nokia 3230’s keypad.For example,keypad of Nokia 3250 is more soft than Nokia 3230.Also,the the camera place both of the model is different too.Nokia 3230 camera placed in back of the phone over the top,while a camera of Nokia 3250 is placed over the low part of the phone,side of left the phone.

The USB connection (pop-port connection) is located on right of the phone.The connector prt also is use to connecting a headset when listening to music privately.While you heard to music in loudspeaker,the speaker phone is located in low part of the phone (it is under the phone).The quality of sound were very high rate for me.Of course,Nokia 3250 is a Nokia music phone like N91,N80.But the quality of the sound will decrease when the volume is 80% to full volume,not like Nokia N91,the sound still good even the volume is full.The top of the phone is a power button or profile and memory card removed shortcard button.Press once,the shortcut will appear or press and hold the buttton the phone will off.

Memory card of the Nokia 3250 can be found when you twist the lower part of the phone about 90 degree,and you can found the memory slot.Nokia 3250 has a Hot Swap Slot.Which is mean,the model don’t need to removed the batttery to removed the memory card.Even the internal memory of Nokia 3250 only 10 MB,it can support 1GB microSD memory.

When you twist the phone,you will be able to use two mode.Twist 90 degree going to camera mode.Twist 180 degree will going to musi player mode.In camera mode,a shortcut button to take a picture is a play button.To zoom in the image,use forward button while you zoom it out,just press rewind button.While the phone on camera mode,you can take a video by push the navigation key to the right.Use play button to start record and stop button to stop recording.To zoom in or zoom out,just press forward or rewind key.
The music key on Nokia 3250 use a basic button to play music.To play or pause a track,press play/button,to rewind or forward to the next track press rewind or forward buttton once.While a track is playing,press and hold forward button will forwarding track and,press and hold the rewind button will rewarding the track.

The picture below shown some of accessories of Nokia 3250 that including in sales packages.

Nokia Connectivity Cabel CA-53
Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
Nokia Music Headset HS-20
Nokia CD-ROM (including Nokia PC Suite software)
User guide book
Memory card MicroSD (128 MB or 512 MB)
MicroSD adapter

Nokia 3250 Display

Nokia 3250 menu as like many other Nokia s60 can being choose whether as grid or listing viewing.While on standbye mode,you can choose to on or off the standby mode.The display is use as a shortcut to the menu while on a standby.The themes are changeable,according to what contain in memory card or phone memory.The first time I got Nokia 3250 in my hand, there are five kind of themes,three available on a memory card while two on phone memory.

The track is sort by so many type,from all track,genre,artist,track list,composer and album.As a music phone,it has the equalizer function to being choose like rock,pop,classical,H2-0,jazz and even make your equalizer yourself.This is available in audio setting.Beside that,you could also choose audio reverb effect such as alley,small room,medium,big and large room or you just off it.You can off or on the bass.

It also has a basic phone organizer,plus it is a smartphone (I don’t really know what smatphone term to define is) surely it is more advance in organizing something like to sign that a day has an important event.The converter software also contain to convert measurement such as yard to meter,and so on.Everyone whom love travelling internationally don’t need to define time by seaching accurate time manually.You just go to menu> organizer> clock and push the right key> option and add city.

Nokia 3250 support video format like 3gp and mpeg.Nokia has a Flash Player and Real Player software to play video.Other than has a video player function,Nokia 3250 also has video editor to create a new video by editting the video exist in the files.Your editting work is based on your creativity.

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