Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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I think we can share anything tips,tricks and information about Nokia 3250.That’s why this blog were made.I’m not just talking about Nokia 3250 only,but maybe another mobile phone to make comparison between Nokia 3250.You can post you comments,tips to use and anything about 3250 here. Plus, my blog is also review other new gadget like Apple iPhone which is new cool gadget from Apple, iPod + mobile phone.
I’m actually a kid who just recently try to expose some gadget I think I love and know a lot about the gadget.I like PSP but I’m less know about the gadget and I’m still didn’t have it yet(soon I will get it).Accidentally,I’ve just bought Nokia 3250.And I think this something I can share expose….Here it is here I am.


from TANDEK, Kota Marudu

If you want to share anything about tips and tricks to use Nokia 3250,or anything relevent you want to share,you can email me directly to


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