Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Final Appearence

As expect, Nokia 5700 finally out this late March, which is new Xpressmusic that combine the design from Nokia 5300 and Nokia 3250. It is operate on new symbian, version Symbian OS v9.2, S60 rel. 3.1 that integrate with new interface on Nokia smartphone. it is also equipped with 3G, to get more connection beside music function.

It is still with 2 MP camera but more advance that those Nokia 325 and Nokia 5300 since it has flash. It is also has a clear screan when it is has 16 million colour make all pictures and video are really bright in Nokia 5700 scree. To snap a pictures, it is need to twist the bottom of the phone ake me remind the style of Nokia 3250.

But camera not a focus on thisphone but the music function that was fully improved than that both Nokia 3250 and Nokia 5300 when it is music payer come with album art like on N91 did. Utilize by Windows media Player, it is also equipped with 5 band equalizer and audio visualiztion. While the Nokia 5700 support 2GB memory card (MicroSD) size, it is easy to save more multimedia and gallery in the phone. The tracks can be save as 1500 song (e-Aac format) make you fully entertained plus 3G connection which is the phone operate on quad-band mode as WCDMA band with high connection speed.

The phone that bring Nokia 3250 unique stle which can be twist is really useful. Nokia 5700 can be twist into 4 mode like camera mode, music player mode, normal mode and video calling mode. Video calling is one feature that give the phone advantage beside as music phone, inlike those Nokia 5300 and Nokia 3250.

The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is based on the world's leading S60 software running on Symbian OS in newest version. S60 enables consumers to personalize their device with a wide choice of compatible applications that can be downloaded to the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, including games, navigation, entertainment & productivity.

Actually I more prefer to XpressMusic phone design than any Nokia N siries phone that more to bussiness or office phone. I like Xpressmusic cause of thier design look sporty look and most suitable to youth. Especially the new Nokia 5700 design that cuold be better than those Nokia 3250 when it is more lighter and more small and look comfortable in hand. I think Nokia should keep a good work on thier XpressMusic since it has a good response from users.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Nokia 5700 XpressMusic?

Nokia's new phone, to be claimed asNokia Xpressmusic with latest rumor involving the Nokia 5700 model as part of Nokia XpressMusic. Apparently, this model will combine Nokia 5300 with twisting Nokia 3250 to get a new XpressMusic mobile phone. I can't wait to see the model appear, if the rumour is true. Since this is just a rumour and far from official, I've got no word on pricing or release date but given the rather professional-looking stylized graphic here seemingly advertising the aforementioned model, our money is on it being real.

Residents of Rumorville claim that Nokia will be launching a new music phone in the near future that is inspired of the Nokia mobile phone 5300 and Nokia 3250's designs. Most probably known as the Nokia 5700, the top half consists of the design of Nokia 5300 XpressMusic, while the bottom half features the unique twisting design that is found on the Nokia 3250. According to the Nokia 5700 UAProfile, the Nokia 5700 is indeed exist and will be running S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1.It is maybe some of Nokia strategies against new Sony Erricsson Walkman's arrival like Symbian Walkman phone Sony Erricsson W880, W888 and W610.

Look at the picture sketch, phone you'll see a media playback/camera button in the middle of the bottom portion. Closer inspection of the drawing shows a separation between the bottom portion and the top, allowing for a twisting like Nokia 3250 special designl. Also, on the sides of this bottom portion is an indention for a camera, similar to the 3250. Will this new phone give a revolution on Nokia XpressMusic?

No clue as to whether it's S60 or S40, but it does have Quad-band GSM (finally becoming somewhat of a standard), EDGE, Bluetooth, and WCDMA (3G), though only one band. Battery is the BP-5M (some said battery that use on Nokia N95).
Other accessories tested with the device include:AC Charger AC-5Audio Adapter AD-44 (implying music-oriented, but not with jack 3.5mm, sadly not like N91, Nokia 3250 and Nokia 5300 that use jack headset), Headset HS-44Data Cable DKE-2

Specification summary of Nokia 5700

.Symbian S60 9.2 (Feature Pack 1)
.QVGA (320x240) pixel display
.GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 MHz, EDGE, WCDMA 2100 MHz
.2 Megapixels camera with autofocus (upgrade from Nokia 5300 and Nokia 3250 because those two phone has no auto-focus function)
.Twisting twice (3250-style), providing mode-appropriate controls

Inside Apple iPhone

Monday, March 05, 2007

Apple New Revolution Phone: Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone is a new Apple device while top on their iPod and finally launch their revolution on communication industry. It's provides its user with the ultimate mobile device which include high quality features & new design concept. The iPhone is a mobile phone with a highly useable widescreen iPod with touch screen controls & a Internet communications device, all rolled into one portable device making it an outstanding smartphone. The casing comes with a selection of popular colours which include a sleek black gloss look finish & a sophisticated glossy white colour. The phone comes with a huge multi touch colour screen which acts as a brilliant display as well as the users input method which allows the user to control all the phones functions using the multi touch screen. The screen measures 3.5 inches and provides a screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels on a brilliantly coloured screen. The Apple iPhone has changed the way user will use their mobile phone device & the iPhone provides the user with state of the art technology which is extremely user friendly smartphone. The iPhone operate with new Mac OS X based user interface which is based on the large multi touch colour display.

The iPhone is available in two memory options which are a 4 GB version and a 8 GB memory version. The smartphone comes with a fitted battery which provides the user approximately 5 hours of talk time and up to 16 hours worth of music playback which includes call time, video time & Internet browsing time. This phone also comes with a picture address book which allows the user to see a picture of their contact as well as the contacts name. The address book is easy to access from the phones main menu & the user can make a call by simply touching the contacts details on the multi touch screen.

The user will enjoy & quick & easy input method when typing messages as the iPhone will display a touch QWERTY keyboard on the 3.5 Inch screen which is a predictive keyboard & automatically corrects typing errors. The touch keyboard provides a user friendly input method & the Apple iPhone displays the typing above the keyboard which provides a real feel typing experience for the user. The email service works just like the users PC, Mac or laptop email client but the iPhone email service is a mobile email service which is easy & quick to use. The email client supports POP3 & IMAP based email service which include Apple Mac Mail, Google Email & ISP email services. The user can enjoy a real email experience on the Apple iPhone which can include graphics, images & photo attachments.

The built in music player comes with touch screen music controls which allow the user to play, pause, rewind & fast forward their choice of music. The user can view their album covers on the screen & the iPhone comes with a touch screen search facility which allows the user to search by song, album, artist or play list. The Apple iPhone comes with a built in 2 megapixels camera & video feature which allows the user to capture still photographic images & moving video footage easily with their portable device. The smartphone comes with a selection of camera & video settings which will ensure the user gets the perfect effect & finish to every photograph or video captured. The advanced photo management application provides the user with everything they need to gain the perfect finish to each & every photo. The iPhone with a smartphone function allows the user to watch their favourite TV shows & movies which makes the iPhone the perfect companion device.

The user can enjoy a real mobile Internet experience on their phone which allows the user to view all Internet sites the way they were designed to be viewed. The user can search the Internet on their mobile phone where ever they are, but using either Edge or WiFi. The user can connect to compatible devices using Bluetooth wireless technology, WiFi & USB connectivity. The Apple iPhone smartphone comes with built in technology which provides the user with a fast & efficient portable device. The phone comes with Edge technology which provides the user with fast data transfers which are up to three times faster than GPRS. The smartphone works over a GSM quad band network which allows the user to use their Apple iPhone Worldwide. The iPhone will automatically synchronise all the users contacts from their PC, laptop, Mac or Internet service

One of thw special feature in iPhone imaging feature is the user can view their iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode & will automatically change the viewing screen to suit the users requirements. The user can see the whole width of an Internet site or a photo in true landscape setting by simply turning the iPhone to landscape mode. The Apple iPhones comes with a Google map application which allows the user to view maps & satellite images on their phone. The maps application can provide the user with directions, & traffic information when the user is on the move. The widgets application provides the user with helpful real time information on stock reports & provides Worldwide weather reports.

Apple iPhone Specifications & Features

Screen-3.5 Inch Multi Touch Colour Screen (320 x 480 Pixels)

Weight & Size -135 g115 x 61 x 11.6 mm

Imaging -2 Megapixel Digital Camera, Camera Settings, Video Record, Video Player, Movie & TV Show Player, Video Controls (Play, Pause, Chapter FF, Chapter Rewind & Volume), Video Record, Viewfinder Display, Screensaver, Wallpaper Animation, Picture Address Book

Messaging-SMS (Text Messaging), MMS (Multimedia Messaging), Email (POP3 & IMAP)SMS Long (Long Text Messaging), Visual Voicemail

Sound-Music Player, Ringtones, Touch Screen Search (Song, Artist, Album & Playlist), Album Artwork, Cover Flow, Audio Books, Entertainment, Embedded Games, Downloadable Games

Organiser -Address Book, CalendarWorld Clock, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Notes, Conference Calls, Maps with Google Maps,Widgets (Live Stock, Weather Reports), Full QWERTY Predictive Keyboard, Operating System OS X

Connectivity -Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, WiFi, Synchronization PC or MAC

Network -Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GMS 900, GMS 1800 & GMS 1900)

Internet -Safari Web Browser with Zoom, HTML Browser

Memory & Talk Time -4 Gbyte & 8 Gbyte Memory, 5 Hours Talk Time (Talk, Video & Browsing), 16 Hours Talk Time (Audio), Standby Time: TBC

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition

The popular Nokia music phone, Nokia N91 has been developed further to create the perfect music companion in the form of the sleek looking Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition. The N91 8GB is similar to the Nokia N91 in design, looks & features but this N91 8GB comes with a larger amount of memory for music storage & with enhanced music focused features. This will make sure music lover can enjoy more song in one device and the other entertainment. The phone comes with 8 Gigabytes of hard disk memory which allows the user to store approximately 6000 (eAAC format) or 4000(MP3 or WMA format) songs on their N91 8GB Music Edition. The handset comes in a stylish black coloured casing which provides the user with a high quality finished handset.

The user can listen to their songs using the high quality headset complete with a headset remote control. The phone comes with easy to access dedicated music control & keys which allows the user to access their music quickly. The music can be control by headset control ar the front cover shortcut music key. The N91 8GB Music Edition comes with a built in stereo FM radio with visual radio feature, just like the Nokia N91 made it perfect for music lover. The N91 8GB Music edition is a member of the Nokia N Series Music Edition which includes the Nokia N70 Music Edition & the Nokia N73 Music Edition while other Nokia music phone such as Nokia 3250 Xpressmusic and Nokia 5300 Xpressmusic as part of Nokia music phone. The Music Edition handsets will be popular with all the music loving users who enjoy music on the go.

The built in music player allows the user to enjoy a top quality music experience as it comes with an amasing stereo sound. The music player comes with many useable features which include a music mixer, loudness control, 5 band equalizer, music dynamic range compression, volume control, playback button & a play list management feature which allows the user to add new music tunes or edit existing play lists. The music player can play music in many formats which include MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, Real, WAV, M4A, AMR-WB, True Tones & AMR-NB. The user can very easily move music between their computer & N91 by simply dragging & dropping between the two devices. The phone allows the user to answer incoming calls whilst they are listening to music as the music will pause for an incoming call & after the call is complete the music will restart from where it was paused. The phone comes with up to 4 Gbytes of internal dynamic memory which allows the user to save up to three thousand music tunes. The sound experience can be heard through the headset, the integrated speakers or the user can connect the N91 to their home stereo system.

The N91 comes with an integrated 2 megapixel camera complete with 6 x digital zoom which is prefect for capturing all pictures nad images of those special memories. The camera comes with different camera modes which include still, burst, video & a night mode. The user can adjust the brightness of each photo & select from different image quality settings. The phone comes with a video playback feature which allows them to playback downloaded, streamed & recorded video clips and can play video format like Mpeg, 3gpp and MP4 format.

The phone comes with built in 3G technology & WLAN which provides the user with a fast & impressive connectivity. The N91 allows the user to synchronise their contacts, calendar & music files to a compatible computer by using compatible connection & even with the use of Bluetooth technology which allows a wireless connection when transferring data. The user can use Bluetooth to send & receive photos, video clips & images to any Bluetooth compatible device. The user can enjoy a good Internet experience with the help of the XHTML Internet browser which allows the user to view web sites very easily.
The phone comes with voice features which include voice dialling, voice commands & a voice recorder which makes using the N91 a little more fun & a little easier. The conference call feature allows the user to take part in a call with more than one contact at the same time. The integrated handfree speaker allows the user to talk freely over a speaker when their hands are needed for a different task.
Enjoy your mini Hi-Fi on the hand with N91 !
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