Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nokia 3250 Short Review

Nokia 3250:
A Music Phone With a Great and Unique Twist Finally Revealed

Nokia 3250 has a unique design twists to transform it from a traditional phone keypad into dedicated music keys. The Nokia 3250 stores up to 1 GB (750 songs) of high quality music and offers 10 hours of music play. In addition, users can take advantage of the Nokia 3250 2 MP camera with a smartphone capabilities.
Music-driven mobile phone features dedicated music keys, storage for up to 750 songs
The Nokia 3250, newest music phone, grabbed the spotlight of Nokia Trends, an electronic music festival that took place in Berlin, Germany this weekend. The triband GSM 900/1800/1900 model is expected to start shipping in the first quarter 2006 with an estimated retail price of 350 EUR before subsidies or taxes.

Nokia connects people to their passions - music - and as the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, Nokia is leading the charge to make mobile music widely accessible. The XpressMusic feature brand, also introduced today, makes it easier for consumers to identify those Nokia devices which are specifically designed to listen to music. One of the first devices to feature the XpressMusic mark is the Nokia 3250, which is going to stop music fans in their (favourite) tracks. With its unique twist design makes it quick and easy to switch between the music keys, the regular keypad and the camera mode.
By twisting the keypad of Nokia 3250 180 degrees, user can change mode between the music mode and the normal phone keypad. The music player of the Nokia 3250 supports a wide array of digital music formats such as MP3, AAC, WMA, M4A. Additionally, songs can be downloaded over-the-air while on the go and favourite songs can be set as ringtones. Also, you can use USB cable to download music while internet online. The Nokia 3250 supports microSD memory cards of up to 1 GB with storage capacity for up to 750 songs. An FM radio with Visual Radio client complements the Nokia 3250's complete music package.

Drag and Drop:Manage Your Nokia 3250's Music

Using the Nokia Audio Manager software, users can convert their favourite CDs into digital music files, and "drag and drop" their personal music collections and favorite playlists directly from their computer. Headphones can be connected to the Nokia 3250 via the 3.5mm connector of the Nokia Stereo Headset-HS-20, making the list of available enhancements even longer.
The Nokia 3250 comes with a 2 megapixels camera, which is activated in the camera mode by twisting the Nokia 3250's phone's keypad 90 degrees. The images that has you snap, can be instantly shared with others via MMS, or printed on a compatible printer via Bluetooth wireless technology. Plus, you can share your favourite moment by mobile blogging and send your snapped pictures.
Nokia 3250 is based on the third edition of Series 60 platform and Symbian OS, offering a broad set of features and messaging functionalities and enabling third-party application developers to create their own music applications. Those applications can be downloaded and installed on the Nokia 3250.

Nokia 3250: Brand New XpressMusic Nokia Phone

Nokia, the world leader in mobility, it is Nokia XpressMusic, a dedicated feature brand that makes it easy for user to identify Nokia's growing portfolio of music-optimized mobile devices and Nokia 3250 were introduced with XpresMusic feature. Each mobile device with Nokia XpressMusic like nokia 3250 shares key features that ensure the best mobile music experience, including shortcut music keys for music play,pause forward and rewind music playing. While incoming calls coming, the music will be pause and resume on after incoming call ended. Nokia 3250 support for 3.5mm connectors, and extended battery life for easy and convenient music listening.
The announcement coincides with the introduction of the Nokia 3250, Nokia's second music-optimized device, featuring dedicated music keys, over-the-air music downloading, and up to 1GB of expandable memory.
The Nokia XpressMusic logo will begin appearing on sales packages and promotion materials for music-optimized Nokia devices starting with the shipment of the Nokia N91 and Nokia 3250.

Nokia 3250 is for music on mobiles, from personalized ringing tones to integrated FM radios and MP3 player support. Nokia has announced two full-featured, music-optimized mobile devices- Nokia N91 mobile jukebox, which features 4GB of music storage and Nokia 3250 music phone introduced today. The Nokia XpressMusic feature brand makes it easier for consumers to identify those Nokia devices which provide a great quality mobile music experience.
Nokia 3250 has introduced to range of music-enabled devices with expandable memory capacity, allowing users to listen to their favorite music on a single device they carry with them wherever they by mobile phone. Additionally, Nokia's music phone devices enable users to download music spontaneously over-the-air, in addition to transferring music files from their PC or by fast 2.0 USB cable.
Nokia XpressMusic mark, the device must have a number of music-specific criteria and Nokia 3250 is under those criteria, including:

.Great audio quality
.Shortcut keys for fast and easy access to the music coolection
.Play, talk and play music, pauses when a call comes in, resumes when the call has ended
.Use any headphones for listening with standard 3.5mm jack
.Extended battery time (minimum of 10 hours for music)
.Have a big capacity to stored music collection
.Create and edit playlists on the go
.USB 2.0 support for fast and easy transfer of music
.Wide support of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, and eAAC+ M4A,
.Easy access to over-the-air music downloads

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tips In Using nokia 3250

Actually,I'm still in learning progress in using Nokia 60 siries model especially my Nokia 3250.Maybe you will face the same problem as I face if you're new but don't worry,there are contai useful guide book in sales package when you are about to buying Nokia 3250.
Good News For Nokia 3250 Users
The only one problem facin by Nokia 3250 users is that when the phone hang for more than one minute when sending message. For that reason, all current used applications like music player, will be stop for a while waiting for the massege is sending. This is botherd when used the phone application. But rcently, Nokia has launched a software, special to solve the Nokia 3250's hang problem when sending message. The software is SMS Accelerator. Download this software to you Nokia 3250 via USB cable, bluetooth or card reader. And enjoy yor phone function meanwhile message to other. The software size is just 2.9 KB. Here is the link to install the software.

Formating Memory Phone & Card

For the first time,I cannot find where the memory card slot were placed.But when I reffered to the guide book,I'd finally found where the memory card were placed.It is supported Hot Swap Slot which is mean you don't need to switch the phone off to removed the memory card.To rmoved the memory card,just press the power button (don't hold,just press once) and select removed memory card,then press ok after you removed the memory card.
To check memory card memory,go to Menu>Organizer>Memory Card>Memory Detail.
Warning:Don't format the memory card if it's contain important data such as picture,track,video or other data.Formatted it make all memory or data lost.Bur sometime you'll need to formartted it if has a problem such as infected by viruses, always hang because of unmanaged memory files or other reason.But if you are still want to format the memory card, you need to save the data in the computer.But I still didn't try to formating the memory card myself like this.

At the time just recent I'm using Nokia 3250, the phone always hang when I'm proceed to menu or when I'm sending a message especially when the message contain nore than 500 message (my inbox ever reach to 1500 message).sometime also,the phone can atoumatically switch off even I didn't did so.It the problems I'd face at that time.
Finally,I try to format the phone memory by press *#7370# (the battery must be full to operate it) .It is work!The phone finally not hang as always happen.But remember to back-up the phone memory to memory card before formatting the phone memory.After you finish formatted,you'll see the phone back to the original setting like the first time you switch the phone on after buying, and all data saved were lost/formatted.Then you back-up back the phone memory from memory dard to phone memory to save back the phone data such as contac number,messages or other data saved on the phone.Finally your phone formatted and will not hang as usual.But you need to change the setting back if you desired to make operate in original setting before formating the memory card.

Nokia PC Suite

The software of Nokia PC suite are downloadable by online or using the cd given and follow the instuction given.PC suite enable you to synchronise and manage files like contac number,message and also make you easier to download track from the internet via USB cable.For more information,visit Nokia Offcial Website to download it manually online or get some useful information about Nokia PC Suite.


Bluetooth is a function to share or send files to other devices.It can send files in 10 metre range.Usually,bluetooth is using when the other devices that might received bluetooth files is nearby.Bluetooth also practical to use when sending a large files such as video.It is because, sending through MMS has a limited file size that can be send (depend on local network service provider).
You also can send several files at one time by mark all the files that you want to send,then send it to the other devices.Even to complete sending the file in so long length time,the files is just send once.


Currently,there are no specific software that officially announced by Nokia Corporation for Nokia 3250.It is maybe will coming soon for most siutable software designely for Nokia 3250.But there are some software maybe compatible with Nokia 3250.Go All About SymbianWebsite if you want to buy or trying download software of Nokia 3250.But remeber while installing the software, removed the software that contain warning when installing the software that harmful to the phone.Only try the software taht can view the detail and compatible with the phone.
But there is another good software that usable to your phone. The software you can got it from
Nokia CD-ROM included in Nokia 3250 sales packages. The CD contains software like video and image converter,Nokia PC suite. Nokia video converter is useful when you need to insert another video format onto Nokia 3250. For example, I convert some awesome punk music videos into my nokia 3250. It is because the original format of the videos is unreadable in my Nokia 3250 and need to convert to change the format into 3GP that support by the phone.
But before you can use some of the softwares, you need to install the software uttilities to your PC into my Nokia 3250.

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