Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My First Impression On Nokia 3250

As I said before,Nokia 3250 is not my aim point phone.But, I attracted to Nokia 3250 when I buy Ering megazine.I buy this megazine actually to made some compare several phone (including Sony Ericsson K750i and Nokia 6680) and of course to change my old phone…haha…At that time nokia 3250 is the newest Nokia phone.But something special I see on this model,it can be twist.Like Nokia N90,but I think twisting Nokia 3250 is more easier than N90 one.

My first looking on Nokia 3250 is not the function itself,but design it has.I like that type of design which is when to use camera and song player function just twist it.Cool when you twist it in camera mode,you’ll see it like a camera digital,because when you going to camera mode the viewfinder screen is horizontal,it like using camera digital.really cool,isn’t it?

When the model is going music player mode it is look like a big mp3 player.Just simply twist Nokia 3250 from communication mode to music mode about 180 degree youl get the 3250 in music mode with easy basic function,with play/pause,stop,forward and rewind button.It is easy.
On that time,I just thinking only Nokia 3250 phone and still find how it rel looking.I’m going to the city (not Tandek…hehe….) to find that type of Nokia model.And I’m want to make survey other phone to.I’m find a really good phone combine with really good price.As a result,I finally found Nokia 3250 at one phone shop.I’m try to rotate and twist the phone several time and it just 115 gram I think,not as Nokia announced,130 gram.I’m comfort with it shape,weight and size.

Function?I think it is great for a entertainment lovers.Especially in music function,not just the navigation key is easier to manage,but the sound are really good quality.Let me tell you back,this model is under Xpress Music Nokia,junior of N91.Even if the design were innovate from Nokia 3230,I think it is far more good than Nokia 3230 in this aspect,sound quality.Just the navigation,menu key were same to several feature.Nokia work for music lover.
Without hesitation,I just take it back (of course I buy it) and finally I got my target phone.My Nokia 3250 is silver in keypad and screen frame colour.There are just four optional colour of Nokia 3250 at this time I write this page.Maybe on the future,the optional will be more wide.


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