Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Nokia 3250, My First Music phone.....

Recently bought 3250 and I could say that 3250 has a great music and camera feature with unique design.It can be twist more than 180 degree to activated 3 modes that is in communication mode,camera mode and music player mode.It has a great style in design fully complete feature as a phone.I,really satisfied to own 3250,combine with the price and feature,it’s really great.Didn’t you wanna have one?

It’s cool to have my own Nokia 3250.It’s relevant to own the phone with the cool feature combine with the price,affordable for me to have(I’m still syudying) one.Nokia 3250 I suggest for youth whom love entertainment.And don’t forget,its a smartphone!!Operate with Symbian OS 9.1 in family of 3rd Edition s60.

What You Can Do With 3250?

It’s so many useful of 3250 in you daily day other than communication function.It’s entertainment,full of multemedia function connectivity and much more.

.Play music(with mp3,AAC,eAAC,WMA format)
.Record and play video(support MPEG and 3GP format)
.Camera(2 megapixels with 4X zoom)
.Java games(snake 3D and punkwigs + downloadable)
.Stereo FM radio
.Visual radio
.Nokia Lifeblogging

It’s cool stuff with have every aspect of function as basic handphone plus with its great entertainment function.It’s not just only feature that Nokia 3250 has.Check Nokia 3250 Specification for more information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

emm....what about the price huh?is there any second-hand nokia like 3250 or 6230?

1:40 AM  
Blogger shudai said...

i think u can go to the forum or search it on mobile current reviewsite because the price always change n depend on market place...the 2nd hand i dunno..try

2:38 AM  

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